Daiwa Securities Launching Proof of Concept with Artificial Intelligence to Improve Productivity

2017-10-31 09:26

October 25, 2017

TOKYO, October 25, 2017 – FRONTEO, Inc. (“FRONTEO” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: FTEO) (TSE: 2158), a leading provider of artificial intelligence (“AI”) based big data analysis services, announced that Daiwa Securities Co., Ltd. (“Daiwa Securities”) is launching a proof of concept to verify the feasibility of utilizing KIBIT, an AI engine developed independently by FRONTEO, to improve productivity at Daiwa Securities’ head office and branches. Specifically, Daiwa Securities will verify if KIBIT’s analysis of data from telephone call records between employees and customers can streamline dayto-day compliance-related processes carried out by sales division managers and internal control managers.

Daiwa Securities’ sales division managers and internal control managers currently manually verify phone records between employees and customers in an attempt to improve sales quality. However, an enormous amount of time is necessary to verify the recorded calls.

The proof of concept will verify whether KIBIT is able to extract high priority phone recordings. If KIBIT is able to effectively extract these conversations, Daiwa Securities will not only be able to streamline the process of identifying conversations that need to be verified, but also implement higher-quality, more comprehensive compliance processes and further improve customer satisfaction. The verification process will begin in November 2017 and last for two months.

With the goal of becoming the first choice among customers for securities services, Daiwa Securities continues to be proactive in adopting new technologies.

KIBIT is an artificial intelligence engine originated in Japan. It was independently developed by FRONTEO by combining Landscaping, an AI-related technology, and behavior informatics. The name “KIBIT” was coined by combining “kibi,” a Japanese word meaning subtlety, and “bit,” the smallest unit of digital information, to mean artificial intelligence that understands human subtleties. It can reproduce the way humans make judgments and select information by understanding the meaning of a sentence within a text and learning human tacit knowledge and sensitivities.

FRONTEO is a data analysis company supporting big data and other information analysis using KIBIT, its independently developed artificial intelligence engine. The company was established in August 2003 as a company that supports eDiscovery (electronic evidence disclosure), a procedure for preserving, investigating and analyzing evidence materials for the purpose of using them in international litigation, and computer forensic investigations. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers section and the NASDAQ. URL: http://www.fronteo.com/global/