Full-scale launch of FRONTEO Healthcare AI Application "Concept Encoder Articles"

2018-08-10 11:38

August 6, 2018

Supporting the use of R&D data and active research within pharmaceutical manufacturing companies through hypothesis verification


TOKYO, August 6, 2018 -- FRONTEO Healthcare, a subsidiary of FRONTEO, Inc. (“FRONTEO”) (NASDAQ: FTEO) (TSE: 2158), that provides information analysis solutions utilizing AI for healthcare, announces the full-scale launch of Concept Encoder Articles, an application of the Concept Encoder AI system for the healthcare industry. Concept Encoder Articles is an application that incorporates the required modules for “R&D support” into the Concept Encoder.

While being up to date with the domestic and international trends in pharmaceutical research is an important everyday task for the pharmaceutical R&D divisions of large pharmaceutical companies, the enormous volume of information released daily on a global basis poses limitations on finding all required information through just keyword searches. Additionally, they are faced with challenges such as the streamlining and shortening of the R&D cycle. This, in turn, poses further challenges of improving the accuracy of R&D hypotheses upon recent change of competitive situation from around 2010, when the entry of generic manufacturers and major reorganization of pharmaceutical companies happened after expiration of patents on many blockbuster drugs.

Concept Encoder Articles enables efficient search of information close to the working hypotheses of the R&D projects from pre-registered English literature by just feeding each hypothesis as text into the search field. Efficiency of R&D resources can be promoted by refining the hypotheses through repeated literature search in the initial stages of the research. In addition, registering the experimental data and technical information accumulated in-house facilitate the effective use of in-house data and improvement search efficiency.

In FY2018, the development team of the product is working on improvements in display of the results of hypothesis verification in addition to the standard function of displaying literature that is very similar to the hypothesis. One example is display of multiple axes corresponding to relative expression of the genes which responded to the compound in the hypothesis. This function, together with currently planned display of organs/tissues axes, helps researchers advance drug repositioning research by finding out unknown combinations of known diseases and known compounds or potential application of compounds known to be effective on specific organs/tissues of humans to other ones. Further, identification of compounds that respond to specific genetic status would lead to new approaches in personalized medical research.

Following the completion of the initial version in November 2017, Concept Encoder Articles commenced paid trials through a commercial version in January 2018. There has been great demand for “R&D support” in conjunction with “pharmacovigilance support” and “medical representative support” as a solution for maintaining the competitive edge in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. FRONTEO Healthcare will contribute to the further development of the healthcare industry by creating and providing information analysis solutions with the Concept Encoder AI system at the core.

About Concept Encoder
Concept Encoder is the AI system developed by FRONTEO Healthcare specifically for the healthcare industry. The system was developed with the aim of effective, evidence-based analysis and utilization of healthcare-related big data, including large bodies of free-entry text data. The program incorporates significance test and other crucial statistical methods for evidence-based medicine (EBM), the gold standard of practice among healthcare professionals, and applies this to natural language analysis. The Concept Encoder can also co-analyze non-textual data, and a research effort is underway to co-analyze the numerical data accumulated within the healthcare domain, such as genetic expression, vital data, and other test result values prevalent in the healthcare domain.

Overview of FRONTEO Healthcare, Inc.
Name: FRONTEO Healthcare, Inc.
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Capital amount: JPY 327,000 thousand (On the date of February 1, 2017)
Representative: Kuniko Nishikawa, Chief Executive Officer
Area of business: Diagnosis support, healthcare operational support, pharmaceutical industry support, and other healthcare-related information analysis businesses
URL: https://www.fronteo-healthcare.com/en/

About FRONTEO, Inc.
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