FRONTEO’s AI KIBIT to Reduce New Hire Turnover at Solasto

2017-03-16 15:15

2017. 03. 10

TOKYO, March 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FRONTEO, Inc. (“FRONTEO”) (NASDAQ:FTEO) (TSE:2158), a leading provider of global eDiscovery solutions and big data analysis services, and Solasto Corporation (“Solasto”), which provides medical support services such as reception and medical billing for over 1,500 medical facilities, today announced that it will begin a full-scale initiative in late April 2017 aiming to increase the retention rate of its employees by utilizing the KIBIT artificial intelligence (“AI”) engine. KIBIT analyzes transcripts from interviews with new hires to identify employees who are insecure or unsatisfied with the job at an early stage, therefore aiming to prevent them from leaving their positions by addressing the identified cases.

KIBIT is the AI engine developed by FRONTEO in Japan that combines artificial intelligence technology and behavior informatics. Using the text from interview transcripts, KIBIT can analyze and learn the kind of comments made by employees that display insecurities or dissatisfaction with their positions. By scoring the degree to which these comments are connected to employees leaving Solasto, it can efficiently identify the employees that Solasto will need to conduct follow-up interviews with.

In November 2016, the two companies started developing the proof of concept for the analysis of text from interview transcripts by KIBIT. Going forward, in addition to conducting trials on an even larger scale, both companies will seek to establish an even more accurate method for recording interview transcripts and a mechanism for support information for employees based on these interview transcripts. The companies aim to begin full-scale operations in late April 2017.

Solasto has provided medical support services such as medical billing and reception for medical facilities for over 50 years, and it currently employs more than 20,000 people. The number of employees hired each year is as high as 5,000, and thus employees with diverse ages, experiences, and backgrounds can start to work at Solasto every day. As a result, one of its key growth strategies is to emphasize initiatives that focus on the employees who provide its core services. In order to provide support for its new hires, Solasto has created a system to listen to the opinions of its employees in detail through a number of methods, including conducting employee interviews more than seven times a year. However, since there are roughly 2,000 interview subjects per month across Japan, building a system that can discover the employees who have insecurities, dissatisfaction, or concerns with their jobs at an early stage and to carry out appropriate follow-ups had become a major challenge.

Solasto has a new service model that integrates personnel and ICT to provide dramatic improvements in productivity and higher quality services in the Japanese service industry, which is said to be dependent on individual skills and have low productivity. In addition, it positions employee satisfaction as an important corporate goal and promotes this introduction of KIBIT as an integral part of changes that improve how people work.

FRONTEO aims to further expand the fields where KIBIT is used. In addition to KIBIT’s current services in the legal field for the discovery of fraud, in business intelligence for the discovery of sales opportunities and sorting information, as well as in healthcare for reading tendencies in mental states and behavior, FRONTEO is expanding the opportunities for KIBIT’s services in human resources through its initiative with Solasto.

KIBIT is an AI engine developed by FRONTEO. KIBIT is a word coined by combining “kibi,” a Japanese word meaning “subtlety,” and “bit,” the smallest unit of digital information, in order to indicate an AI capable of understanding the subtle elements of human behavior and personality.

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